How to create Your Own Website

How to create Your Own Website.


1. Click on "My".

2. Select the business / your company "Current Organization"

3. Click on the "site".

4. You have now reached the construction part of the procces- fill the boxes according to the requirements portal.

5. site sub domain: the name would be to your Web site.

6. If you have an existing web site listed in that section: your own domain

7. Choose a logo for your business (from your photos on your computer or logos available).

8. Choose a category for your business.



Banners Step 1:

Your portal offers to several banners placed at the top of the page to appear on the website. (You can enter up to five different banners).

* Notice the size (resolution) is supported for banners. (Whether large or small images


Banners Step 2:

* Sites footer: Lower banner at the bottom of the page

* Sites right/sites left: the rest of the banners according to the distribution right, left and in the order 1,2,3, with 1 being the top of the page and the rest in descending order down. (Required to add a link to a web page that you wish by clicking on the banner would lead to him).

* Footer description: you can add additional details and bars will be at the bottom of

your choice.

* Finally click SAVE.



How your homepage wil look like

1. categories lines feed them information portal and surfers will see your business

2. banners line on the right

3. The (top) main banners of your business

4. Your company logo

5. The options menu

6. Banners left side

7. description notes for your business (Bottom Banner).