Add business proposal

Add a business proposal


Add a business proposition. Business proposals are placed on the portal search partners or investors all over the world, and for providing interesting information for you. Module "Business proposal" is a new platform publishing business proposals and projects in the form of a mini-site. Describing the proposal is important to give maximum information about it and the target audience, technical data and other parameters. Do not forget to define the field of activity and post photo album.

It is important to create and regularly update to your company's search business card that is interactive. Among the important details: company logo, company name, a brief description of the company, contact form, and of course the products, services or projects they want to implement important detail to find a company in the portal. In our system, guests can rely on it - most people are approoved and have passed the rigorous screening of the regional business associations and teams go through testing of the system. Company / business proposals / projects / distribute products and services are seen by all participants in the project, that is why it's so important to write interesting, fascinating and thoroughly so make sure You will be interesting. "Sieve" provides extensive search options, including industrial activity, Occupation and Industry, so be sure to fill out all fields.