Add an item for sale & coupons

Add an item for sale & coupons

1. Click on "My"

2. select your current organization

3. Click on the "products b2c"

4. Click on the "Add +"

5. Fill the lines according to demand. (Wait for raising the product to the portal and you will also see your product in the list of products for sale on the website you built. (See instructions for "Setting up a personal website").

If you want to use coupons on the site Enter the date range and price as required (try

before "advices" to learn about this).



1. In order to enable the purchase of products by using the coupon specified time Follow the instructions below:

2. Click on "My"

3. choose a current product or Click the "Products b2c" for a new item.

4. Click on the "Add +"

5. fill the sections of coupon at the bottom- the details as directed and finish press "OK".

6. Choose the price

7. select percentage of the discount that you choose to give to customers

8. Select the range of dates in which you want to grant the discount coupon.