About us

B24online.com is an international program development and support for entrepreneurs and businesses. The idea of establishing this system is unique, and was born as a result of negotiations with many chambers of commerce and international conferences on economic matters raised by the need for the following: "Combining all the information resources available and at everyone and creating a common platform." This is the way for successful work of all participants, to develop search capabilities Affiliates and improving knowledge, promoting transactions and projects.

B24online is a unique International Business Portal supports seven languages! And upgrading the economic and business potential of small and medium businesses around the world. B24online serves as a powerful resource for communication between independent from across the country, companies, factories, workers' organizations, chambers of commerce and industry, business centers, professional associations and other business organizations.

We at B24online provide Internet environment supportive perfect mix of tools to promote local businesses and global markets. Now more than ever, is the time to join and get your business to another league's global presence. We provide: Website, high-quality marketing tools for promoting companies, the realization of projects and the expansion of services and products worldwide, including using social networks. All these and more. B24online platforms B2B and C2B build wide business relationship with management and control processes and sales On-Line, all backed securities and supply chain quality control and security for all purchase. B24online is the place to catch up on what is happening in the business world. all the news, all the craftsmen and professionals in one place. B24online is the comparison between business interests all over the country and offer more attractive prices than your competition and buy at the best prices.

Portal Services

B24online.com srevices:

All services at B24online.com are ready for your use within a matter of a few minutes.

  • • Creating a personal website for your business (access and exposure to a large audience).
  • • A platform to publicize and promote products and services common portals (regional and professional).
  • • Tools for marketing and sales of products and services common portals (regional and professional).
  • • Reliable clearing system execution of transactions on the Internet.
  • • Participate in B2B (business to business).
  • • Participate in B2C (business to client).
  • • Ability to obtain business information on businesses in the same field.
  • • The possibility to offer more competitive prices from your competition.
  • • Recruitment accordance with professional requirements and publication of vacancies in the company.
  • • Send your CV according to professional background to businesses hiring workers.
  • • Advertising business news and innovations in your field.

Best regards,

Valery Migirov

CEO Expert Center