Yuri Tkachenko

Yuri Tkachenko

Dear colleagues, the contemporary market cannot be imaged without new solutions in the field of communication significantly simplifying work, automates time-consuming routine operations, allows coordinate and analyze marketing strategy. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Krasnodar Krai always put as the first aid supporting business in this region, assistance Chamber members in getting solutions in the field of innovation, implementing new prospective solutions which allow bringing their business to new peaks. To those peaks which allow raising not only the level of business activity, but also the population life level in Krasnodar Krai.

With regards, Yuri Tkachenko, the chairman.

We offer every member of our Chamber a wide set of tools for business and now we add another one. I am glad to present you new opportunities which will allow improve business significantly both of small, medium and big companies. It will allow advertising business production and services for free, promoting business proposals and innovation solutions, finding new partners and clients for a business. For small companies it is an opportunity to have their own sub-site without investments, as well as to present their proposals together with big suppliers, offer their innovation projects, find investors and partners who will help business to grow. For big companies it is an opportunity to regularize their goods in unite interface, to find new clients and to perform sales without additional investments. We created this system for you and we will be happy if you join it.

Organization:   The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Krasnodar Krai

Position:   Chairman