Vladimir Savchenko

Vladimir Savchenko

Dear Forum participants, new creative doers. Forum is a place for contact for those who realize in practice what is being formed on a political and institutional level. A chat or conversation here is always substantive and purposeful. Investments and innovations are of absolute priority. Fortunately, Sochi today is a landscape worldwide conglomerate where it can be seen in reality the completion of the whole innovation-investing cycle which sprang to wonderful fundamental buildings and constructions which will withstand in 2014 the pressure and desire of the strongest, fastest and highest-skilled representatives from all angles of the Earth. Realization of Forum participants' intellectual potential is a guarantee for creating the developed investment market. I wish success to all of you who are directed to new and progressivebased on modern effective engineering and technical technologies and programs. With best regards, V. Savchenko, Director General of the Business Center of  CIS economic development.


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Organization:   CIS Business - Center

Position:   General Director