Valery Kovalenko

Valery Kovalenko

Dear guests, colleagues and Forum participants. I am glad to greet Forum participants and guests. Today a close, united team of likeminded people and leaders gathered here, who are ready to discuss and solve actual issues and problems of Community development. Solving issues of forming an investment-enabling atmosphere, improving business environment, creating the conditions for investment increase in high-tech industry, which is impossible without the effective use of international cooperative contacts, mobilization of consulting support, as well as financial and credit resources; all of which are relevant tasks of the Forum. For this purpose issues of widening commercial and industrial contacts, creation of conditions for significant investment projects realization will be discussed in the Forum. We hope for a further widening of fields of cooperation in the framework of common economic territory and for innovation cooperation in realization of mutual projects in various fields of economy, in financial-banking systems in the Community territory. We wish Forum participants to achieve new contacts, interesting significant projects and successful fruitful work.


With regards, Valery Kovalenko, Director of the Fund.

Organization:   Business Center CIS-Belarus

Position:   Director of the Fund